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photo of electricity grid, with icons of lock and digitalisation in it
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Cybersecurity in the electricity grid

The electricity grid is undergoing a digital transition to become intelligent, robust, and cost-efficient. We need to understand the threats and vulnerabilities related to the digital transition of the electricity grid with the aim of improved control over the cyber risks.

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#Energy Grid/Smartgrids

New pilot measures the actual capacity in the grid

What is the available capacity in a given power line right now, and what is the available capacity going to be in the next 48 hours? Do we have enough capacity, or do we have to employ measures like decreasing load or increasing production? These are central questions in a newly established pilot project within the FME CINELDI research centre.

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In CINELDI we shall, through research, ensure that we are building the smart energy system of the future. The system needs to be flexible…