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In CINELDI we shall, through research, ensure that we are building the smart energy system of the future. The system needs to be flexible and robust, and have an acceptable cost. It is also important that the system allows for more renewable energy, electric transport and energy efficiency.

CINELDI will develop a knowledge base for electrical grid operators and authorities to establish good strategies for the future distribution grid.


In May 2016 CINELDI was announced as a Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research, we had the official opening in September, and on 22 and 23 November, we finally had the kick-off.

Over 60 representatives from 29 different partners in CINELDI met in Trondheim. We will work together in CINELDI for eight years, so the main goal of the kickoff was to become better acquainted.

Tent pole exercise: The exercise focused on cultural understanding and how everyone can contribute.

First day we went through central research perspectives in CINELDI.

Sigurd Kvistad from Hafslund Nett.
60 representatives from 29 different partners attended the kickoff.

On day two we worked to identify drivers, opportunities and barriers for a future intelligent and flexible electrical distribution network.

We conducted a stakeholder analysis to display drivers, opportunities and Barriers.

Next work-shop is planned in April.

(Photos: SINTEF Energy)

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