Traineeship during a Pandemic

After starting my first month of work at the Tyholt offices in Trondheim I have finally received the go-ahead to move and complete my Traineeship in Brussels. Starting a traineeship in the middle of a pandemic was both a challenging and exciting task. I was happy to get to know my co-workers at the SINTEF offices in Trondheim before I made the move to Brussels where we are currently three SINTEF employees.

Motivation for Traineeship

I received my master’s degree from NTNU in May 2020 where I studied European Studies. I enjoy reading up on the EU’s latest policy initiatives and deciphering how they in turn will relate to Norway. After graduation I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work for SINTEF, a company I have admired since my move to Norway three years ago. As an American, it is fascinating to see how Norway cooperates with the EU as a European country with ‘one foot in, one foot out’. I have already noticed how well SINTEF is positioned for funding and partnership opportunities within the EU, and I am eager to follow all the projects that will come with Horizon Europe.

SINTEF takes Brussels

It has been interesting to witness the different sides of SINTEF both in Norway and in Brussels. This has truly made me believe in the spirit of “ett SINTEF.” There have been no problems to have virtual meetings with my colleges across different institutes and locations. Working together in new ways and collaborating digitally like this has given me hope for our post-pandemic future.

Since my arrival in Brussels I have seen some of the most beautiful sites this historic city has to offer, all while wearing a mask. The SINTEF office here is shared with NTNU and located in the European district of Brussels where you can truly feel the spirit of the EU, and the wide range of cultures all around you.


Projects in the Fall

This fall I have been assisting in the planning of our upcoming European Strategy Summit which will take place on October 20th. It has also been interesting to attend webinars and learn about the various initiatives going on within the EU and Norway, especially those relevant to SINTEF, such as Horizon Europe funding and the Green Deal.

I am excited to see what these next months hold for me, and I look forward to growing and learning more about European institutions and what I can do to help SINTEF become an even bigger player on the European field.

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    Bård Wathne Tveiten

    Great to have you on onboard, and I hope you continue to share your Brussel experience with us 🙂

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