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NCCS Technical Advisory Committee

NCCS enjoys the benefit of receiving advise from a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). With an industry perspective, the TAC contributes to ensuring industry relevance in NCCS activities.

Organization and responesbility

The TAC consists of one representative from each NCCS industry partner. The committee’s responsibility is to advise on the technical work and progress in the Centre, and to provide recommendations on the R&D profile and the direction of the research on behalf of each organization.

Organization chart - TAC
Organization chart – TAC

The TAC had its first meeting on June 30, 2017, where the central issue was discussions of suggestions for Knowledge-Building Projects for Industry (KPN) proposals to be submitted by NCCS to The Research Council of Norway in the fall 2017.

Leader of the TAC is Arve Erga, TOTAL.

Arve Erga, TOTAL E&P Norge
Arve Erga, TOTAL E&P Norge

TAC members:

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