Open innovation in NCCS!

NCCS has a dedicated task on Innovation and Technology Transfer

The purpose of this task is to follow up, promote, communicate and work with innovation in the centre across borders and companies. When different actors rely on each other and external cooperation to innovate, the structure is often called open innovation. This is in contrast to closed innovation, where each company only relies on internal knowledge and resources to innovate. Research shows that companies that rely on open innovation mechanisms are able to innovate more than the ones only relying on closed innovation.

Eight years of cooperation

The NCCS centre is designed to support open innovation processes by bringing together leading experts and industries within CCS technologies. For the next eight years, the actors will cooperate and build on each other’s background, knowledge and competence to bring forward the next generation of CCS solutions. We are looking forward to the adventure!

Research Manager in SINTEF, Sigmund Ø. Størset will lead the task on Innovation and Technology Transfer in NCCS. He recently submitted a master’s thesis within technology management, with focus on innovation management in FMEs, using six of the eight first FMEs as case studies. The master thesis will be available on the NCCS webpage.

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