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Industrial data marketplace

Most organizations now rely on data to make critical business decisions. Access to a wide range of data is vital, leading to the growing interest in data marketplaces for buying, sharing, and selling data. We at SINTEF have been involved in developing such a platform, the DOME 4.0.

The DOME 4.0 platform is designed to transform business-to-business (B2B) data sharing, access, and utilization. As a digital industrial data ecosystem, it facilitates the generation of value and the development of new or enhanced products, processes, and services. Open to all data providers and consumers, DOME 4.0 improves interoperability, discoverability, usability, and sharing of data and applications using semantic ontologies.

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DOME 4.0 web platform

The DOME 4.0 platform offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies registration for data providers, consumers, and tools/services with easy-to-use forms. Users can effortlessly view detailed information about registered data providers and tools. The platform excels in data search and management, allowing users to filter search results and locate relevant data, metadata, and provider information quickly. Compatible datasets can be opened directly in registered tools for further management or visualization. DOME 4.0 supports machine-to-machine data querying through specific query URLs, providing secure data access with authentication keys. Emphasizing data provenance and sovereignty, the platform uses Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology to ensure data authenticity and integrity.
Lastly, the platform includes practical showcases that highlight specific use cases. These showcases help users understand the practical applications of the platform, demonstrating how DOME 4.0 can be utilized effectively in real-world scenarios.

Screenshot of the Dome 4.0 platform portal.

This makes the DOME 4.0 platform an invaluable tool for businesses looking to utilize data effectively. Its features that connect data providers with consumers make it an asset. Whether you are a data provider or consumer, DOME 4.0 offers a comprehensive platform to meet your data sharing and utilization needs.

About the project

This DOME 4.0 platform was developed as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 project (Grant Agreement No. 953163). SINTEF Industry and SINTEF Ocean along with other project partners, contributed to developing the platform and the core features like data provider registration and data brokering.

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