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Offshore Wind Energy 2017 – Poster award

The poster “Step-wise stochastic optimisation of transmission grid for offshore wind farm clusters” won Award at Offshore Wind Energy 2017.

The poster presented by Harald G Svendsen received a poster award at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 conference in London 7 June 2017. The poster describes and demonstrates a method for optimising offshore grid layout taking into account investment costs, generation costs, variability in wind resources, the benefit of trade between price areas, as well as parameter uncertainties. Recent improvements in the optimisation approach makes it easier to identify robust offshore grid investments, by accounting for the step-wise nature of such investments and the uncertainties in what happens in the future.

The poster is based on work carried out in NOWITECH and in the IRPWind project, and done in collaboration with Martin Kristansen and Magnus Korpås at NTNU.

Offshore Wind Energy 2017 is the world’s largest conference and exhibition on offshore wind energy.

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