Invitation to REPowerEU webinars -23rd, 24th and 25th of May 2022

The power price crisis, the energy crisis, Russia stopping gas exports to Europe– how can we deal with these situations? What can be done now, and what would be wise to do in the long run? Should we buy a wood burning stove or put solar panels on the roof?

The uncertainty triggered by a new geopolitical situation and the questions about energy bills and energy security affect us all, from the top policy level to the decisions you and I must make every day. Making specific choices and actions in a rapid and unpredictable landscape is a challenge.

However, less than two weeks after war started in Ukraine, the European Commission launched a decisive response that highlighted a direction and priorities. This plan, which has been on the lips of everyone in Brussels, is REPowerEU.

REPowerEU is also relevant to Norway, as a country fully integrated in the European energy market and an energy nation,

What does REPowerEU say?

According to REPowerEU:

  • People are the most important concern, and everyone should be able to pay their energy bills,
  • Europe should speed up the development of clean and green energy, such as wind, solar and biomass power, with the goal of doubling the installed wind and solar capacity within three years and tripling it within eight years,
  • industry must speed up the transition from fossil fuels and gas to green fuels, such as renewable power and hydrogen,
  • countries should aim for “low-hanging fruits”, such as reducing energy use by updating buildings, installing more heat pumps, and making smart choices, and
  • energy markets play an important role in finding the cost-efficient solutions that enable Europe to remain competitive.

Doing this will significantly decrease our dependency on Russian gas and oil, increase energy security, and keep Europe on track to achieve its zero-emissions ambition.

The details and fact sheets regarding REPowerEU can be found at REPower EU – English and REPowerEU – Fact sheet.

Modesty is a great virtue. That said, it is difficult to ignore the many similarities between SINTEF’s research and innovation activities and REPowerEU’s aims.

The SINTEF Group EU Initiative (Konsernsatsning EU –KS-EU) has raised the question: “REPowerEU – what can SINTEF do?”, and answered in the same breath: “SINTEF is well positioned, and particularly the Centres for Research-driven Innovation (Sentre for forskningsdrevet innovasjon – SFI) and Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (Forskningssentre for miljøvennlig energi – FME) that SINTEF leads or is involved in can become important platforms for strengthening Norway’s contribution towards REPowerEU.”

Action is needed

Ultimately, we’ve reached a point where action needs to be taken. Therefore, we invite you to participate in a series of morning webinars from the 23rd to 25th of May, where you can be inspired and learn more about how SINTEF is working with REPowerEU and how you can contribute.

REPowerEU webinar programme

Monday 23rd of May 08:30 – 09:00 – REPowerEU
Moderator: Christina Waar Hanssen, SINTEF Group Head Office

Link to join the REPowerEU session

  • “Welcome” – Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO of SINTEF
  • “REPowerEU: Setting the agenda” – Pierre Schellekens, Head of Unit, DG Energy, The European Commission
  • “Norwegian perspectives on REPowerEU” – Per Sjaastad, Deputy Head of Mission and Ambassador to Belgium
  • Q&A
Tuesday 24th of May 08:30 – 09:00 – Smart energy in buildings and industry
Moderator: Lene Lad Johansen, SINTEF Digital

Link to join the Smart energy in buildings and industry session

  • “Welcome” – Steinar Grynning, Senior Business Developer, SINTEF Community
  • “Potential for energy saving in buildings” – Nina Holck Sandberg, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Community.
  • “REPowerEU – the industry perspective” – SINTEF Manufacturing
  • Q&A
Wednesday 25th of May 08:30 – 09:00 – What are the renewable energy solutions?
Moderator: Christina Waar Hanssen, SINTEF Group Head Office

Link to join the What are the renewable energy solutions? session

  • “Welcome” – Michael Belsnes, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research
  • “The potential of offshore wind energy” – John Olav Tande, Chief Scientist and Director of FME NorthWind, SINTEF Energy Research
  • “The hydrogen challenge in REPowerEU” – Gunhild Reigstad, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research
  • Q&A

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