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Join our IEAGHG CCS Summer School 2018 in Trondheim

SINTEF is selected to host the next IEAGHG CCS Summer School 2018. The event will be held during the last week of June 2018 (25-29), and will be organized by the NCCS Research Centre, in Trondheim, Norway.

Gløshaugen Campus at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The Summer School is one of the flagship projects of IEAGHG, and receives significant attention and publicity. It is the only CCS education program to have a truly international focus.

Experts from all over the world

With the location moving around the world, the program has now taken place in seven countries covering Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. With experts attending from all over the world, the Summer Schools aspire to include a diverse range of students from a variety of technical backgrounds. The Summer School now has over 550 alumni representing over 50 countries with many moving on to successful careers within CCS industry and academia. SINTEF organized the 2010 IEAGHG Summer School at Svalbard.

Target groups for the Summer School

The target group for the Summer School is young scientists and researchers, e.g. PhD students with a background in engineering, geo-technologies, socio-economics. This can also include those in the early stages of their career within five years of graduation currently seeking a greater understanding of CCS.

Great network and career opportunity

Up to 60 students will attend and the Summer School which will run over a packed five-day schedule. A fieldtrip is usually a highlight of the week and is dependent on the host’s location and expertise. Group work is encouraged during the week with a day set aside for networking, career talks and group work presentations.

The Summer School is a great opportunity for networking and informal discussion with a range of experts attending (over 20 from both industry and research) who are all world-leading scientists in a wide range of fields. Previous programs can be accessed via the links below to give an insight to what you can expect!


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