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Discussing future trends in Hydropower Scheduling

12. and 13. September 2022 SINTEF Energy Research and NTNU arranged the 7th International Conference on Hydropower Scheduling in Competitive Electricity Markets in Oslo. The conference was hosted by Statkraft.

Academia and the industry were brought together in a technical forum to share experiences and discuss future trends related to this area. Results from recent research, ongoing developments, best practices, and applications related to the complex environment of hydropower scheduling and its surroundings were presented and discussed.

A diversified forum of researchers and practitioners were gathered, comprising slightly more than 100 registered participants, out of which approximately 1/3 were from foreign countries. In addition to new work and ideas from Norway, excellent presentations from nations and regions with a substantial amount of hydropower such as Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, Sweden, and Tasmania were given.

Further details on the program can be found on the conference website.

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