HighEFF Cross-sector Workshop 2018

24th and 25th October we hosted one of the two annual workshops for the FME HighEFF consortium. Over 100 participants from industry, R&D and academia were present to discuss results and plans for FME HighEFF. The autumn workshop has the ambition to discuss and settle plans for the coming year and also how this can affect the overall working plan for FME HighEFF.

Strategic keynote presentations at HighEFF Cross-sector Workshop 2018

In this workshop we had two strategic keynote presentations;

  • Lene Mostue, Energi21, presented the Energi21 strategy that was published in June 2018.
  • Ivar Valstad, Hydro, presented perspectives from the work in the international Energy Transition Commission.

Both of these presentation give very valuable input to FME HighEFF, bearing in mind that these FMEs are expected to have a structuring effect on national R&D.

HighEFF industrial partners sharing expectations

In the various Research Area presentations we also had input from industrial partners where they shared their expectations to FME HighEFF, both with respect to strategic aspects as well as more detailed technical issues of interest.

Industry partners sharing their views was Ellen Myrvold (ALCOA), Randi Hegdal (Wacker Chemicals), Jan Haraldsen (EPCON), Mats Nilsson (Alfa Laval) and Terje Lillebjerka (Mo industripark). PhD students and PostDoc candidates brought posters of the current status within their activities, posters that were very well visited by workshop participants.

HighEFF Executive board meeting

It is my impression that we through these two days managed to strengthen the interaction between R&D/Academia and industry. On day 2, we also had an Executive Board meeting, in which research area leaders participated for a strategic discussion focusing on how the FME ensures anchorage and relevance for potential realization of concepts, solutions and technologies developed in the centre as a whole.

Interviews with various consortium members

Petter Røkke, Centre manager HighEFF

Lene Mostuen CEO Energi21

Monika Nikolaisen, Master of Science, SINTEF¨Energy Research

Ulrik Bindingsbø, Leading Researcher Equinor

Gunn Iren Müller, Principal Engineer Hydro Aluminium

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