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High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium in Copenhagen – 29 – 30 March 2022

The transition towards sustainable process heating is gaining traction and high-temperature heat pumps are becoming the preferred choice for a variety of applications. The huge potential of heat pumps, improving market conditions, and an increasing interest from end-users have caused a remarkable increase of activities focusing on the development of high-temperature heat pump technologies, which will be the focus of attention at the upcoming symposium.


The High-Temperature Heat Pump Symposium 2022 is the place, where the HTHP community comes together to discuss current technology status, ongoing activities, challenges, and perspectives.

HTHP Symposium website –  Registration opens this January


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The HTHP Symposium is organized by Teknologisk Institut Energi og Klima, SINTEF Energy Research, and DTU Mechanical Engineering, and it is co-organized by the European Heat Pump Association.


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