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Cost network – Reducing the cost of future CCS

High cost are currently one of the key barriers to the commercial implementation of CCS, and to help reduce the costs of future CCS it is thus important to better understand the costs drivers of CCS, and how to assess them.

IEAGHG Workshops

In order to do so, IEAGHG have organised over the last year a series of workshops among experts in the field. These workshops traditionally aim at covering several cost issues such as costing methodology, cost of CCS implementation for power generation and industry, estimating the cost of emerging technologies, etc…

I lead NCCS Task 1 on CCS value chain and legal aspects, and I am is currently attending the 5th workshop of the series at Imperial College London with the support from the UKCCS Research Centre.

The 2017 workshop focuses on recent learning from the UK studies and large-scale CCS projects, cost of emerging processes, CCS in Energy-Economic models, and CCS flexibility.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosted the previous workshop in March 2016 –  See summary report.

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