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Energy efficiency and reduction of climate gasses

The petroleum sector is a big part of the Norwegian economy. However it also causes 26 percent of the Norwegian CO2 emissions.

The Norwegian government along with the Research Council of Norway (RCN) has a focus on supporting research important to reduce emissions from the Oil and Gas sector. Since 2004 over 150 projects have been supported that are relevan for the future climate challenges.

The RCN issued a brochure in 2014 that summarises a few of the key projects contributing to technology development for more environmentally friendly oil and gas exploration.

COMPACTS and its predecessor EFFORT are two of the 10 projects highlighted in the brochure on pages 24-25.  COMPACTS aims to reduce the footprint of steam cycles so that they can be implemented routinely offshore and help reduce offshore CO2 emissions by 21-25% per platform.

Both projects are Knowledge-Building Project for Industry funded by RCN.


Pamphlet frontpage with offshore wind and ship
Brochure: Energy efficiency and reduction of climate gasses

RCN brochure – in Norwegian

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