Eight tons on the roof – watch the lifting on video

We are building a flow loop at Gløshaugen as part of the DeFACTO project.

A key component of the set-up, the container on the roof, is now in place. It contains a 139-metre horizontal pipe, tanks, a pump and a compressor to conduct CO2 flow experiments. SINTEF Energy Research has inherited the container from Statoil.

Watch the video of the lifting operation:


During the summer we will be building a vertical CO2 flow loop connected to the container and extending 120 metres below ground level.

Vertical flow loop
Vertical flow loop


Important for transporting CO2 cost-effectively and safely

The combination of horizontal and vertical flow loops will enable us to find out how CO2 behaves in pipelines under different conditions both above and below ground.

One of the things we intend to find out is how rapidly it is possible to empty a pipe of CO2 without making the steel too cold and brittle. This knowledge is essential if we are to transport CO2 to geological storage reservoirs as safely and cost-effectively as possible.

Read about the DeFACTO project.

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