SUPEERA publishes analysis of 27 NECPs

SUPEERA NECPs analysis confirms the added value that the project brings to facilitate the coordination of the research community and support the execution of the SET Plan towards the Clean Energy Transition (CET).


The National Energy & Climate Plans (NECPs) analysis is among the most ambitious and strategic reports that the SUPEERA project has published so far. The welcomed European Commission’s green light is a further endorsement to the importance of the project and its role in fostering better cooperation between industry, research and national governments and accelerating innovation and uptake by industry.

Through a detailed investigation of energy measures in the NECPs, the Report examined the efficacy of the plans set out by each of the 27 Member States and identified six common pathways across all the plans to reach the EU’s 2030 climate targets.

Partners involved in the SUPEERA project developed such common pathways through the identification of thematic areas related to either specific technological approaches (e.g., wind energy and solar power) or systemic aspects of the transition (e.g., energy systems integration) and included in the analysis best practices and examples of regional cooperation, financial programmes, and cross-cutting and sectoral issues. Based on these pathways, six knowledge-generation workshops will be organised to facilitate the creation of a network linking industry and EERA research community and provide sectorial and cross-systemic recommendations as well as to set priorities to be acted upon.

Leading up to these workshops, three introductory webinars on “Bridging the gap between research and industry: Accelerating innovation and uptake of new technologies” were held. Each of them presented two selected technology pathways to reach the CET. The webinars were addressed to researchers from the EERA community, policymakers, and representatives from industry-driven platforms to discuss how research and industry can better collaborate to accelerate innovation and uptake of new technologies in these fields.

The NECP report will be updated in the third and final year of the project implementation. It will include a set of coordinated input to decision-makers on systemic and cross-sectorial solutions to support the CET. It will finally deliver sectorial, cross/systemic recommendations on R&I priorities to support the uptake of new technologies by industry.

SUPERA – National energy & climate plans

Support to the coordination of national research and innovation programmes in areas of activities of the European Energy Research Alliance

The SUPEERA project is rooted in and supports the SET-Plan but also aims at integrating it into the broader context of the Clean Energy Transition to support Europe’s strategic long-term vision, a Clean Planet for all. Therefore, EERA and its linked third parties strive to connect the dots by:

  • Supporting the energy research organisations involved in the SET-Plan.
  • Encouraging a stronger engagement of the EU-13 countries.
  • Improving the exchange of information and making recommendations for joint actions.
  • Helping accelerate the uptake of new technologies by industry.
  • Examining the impact of EU policies in the view of bringing the SET-Plan forward in the broader context of the Clean Energy Transition.

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