NCCS Launches Mobility Program!

I am happy to announce that NCCS has opened for mobility applications for excellent candidates both to and from NCCS!

We believe that mobility can be a catalyst for innovation, networking, knowledge sharing, and dissemination.

For both early career and experienced researchers, the NCCS Mobility Program can help facilitate this and strengthen the international collaboration on CCS.

Applications are open for mobility within partners (including associated partners) in NCCS and from those connected to NCCS activity in other ways.

Key requirements needed in the application include descriptions of:

  • how it relates to the NCCS work plan, with reference to task activities
  • how the partners will work together to achieve the goals.
  • the projected impact and how the stay will provide added value to NCCS

Additional requirements can be found in the application template.

Stays can be granted for 1-3 months.

Applications for exchanges in 2018 have an application deadline of 1. June. Please send the application to amy.brunsvold@sintef.no

Good luck!

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