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Meet CenBio at the EUBCE!

CenBio – Norwegian Bioenergy Innovation Centre - is a large, 8-year, industry-driven research project bringing together actors with interest in Norwegian bioenergy, both from industry and R&D. CenBio aims at enabling sustainable and cost-efficient bioenergy industry in Norway. Bioenergy is of increasing importance in Norway, especially small scale heating appliances, and a growing district heating network, widely relying on waste-to-energy plants. Norway also features a large amount of under-exploited wood biomass feedstock. These facts, combined with the strategic governmental support, provide a strong basis for innovation.

For its final operating year, FME CenBio – Norwegian Bioenergy Innovation Centre – will send a large delegation to the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) on 6-9 June 2016 in Amsterdam. The EUBCE is a highly respected international scientific conference with an industrial exhibition and gathers participants from research, industry, policy and business of biomass.

After 7 years of outstanding research efforts and results, CenBio especially chose the EUBCE to share our results and gather CenBio industry and research members in an internationally relevant context.

CenBio members sent 24 abstracts to the conference, representing the Centre’s latest research activities. The competition was fierce with more than 1000 abstracts received, but 5 were accepted as oral presentations and 17 presented as posters. One of our researchers, Francesco Cherubini (NTNU) has been especially distinguished by being offered a spot in the plenary sessions (more than 1400 participants expected).

“The competition was fierce with more than 1000 abstracts received”

The topics presented by the CenBio researchers will cover the entire Norwegian value chains of virgin biomass and all waste fractions (esp. municipal solid waste), including their production, harvesting and transportation, their conversion to heat, power and biogas, and the handling and upgrade of ash to valuable products.

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In addition, CenBio arranges a Parallel Workshop dedicated to “Bioenergy value chains”.

Value Chain Assessment is an essential topic within FME CenBio activities, providing timely results to our industry partners. The goal of the event is to explain some of the methods followed in CenBio, along with results applying to Norway, and to show how value chain assessment can best contribute to the bioenergy industry. Views from industries and value chain experts from other European countries will also be part of the agenda.

CenBio will also be present with a stand at the Exhibition during the whole conference, offering a great opportunity to meet the CenBio researchers and get to know more about their research work.

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