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A major research effort into tomorrow’s digital power grids

How will a future electricity grid manage the demands of induction cooking, charging electric cars and roof-installed solar panels? The answer is Smart Grids, which involves digitisation of the electricity grid.

The aim of a new research centre called CINELDI (Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution – to empower the future Smart Grid) is to develop systems as part of tomorrow’s adaptable, robust and intelligent energy system.

Read the whole story on alphagalileo.org.

Gerd Kjølle og Kjell Sand i Smart Grid laboratoriet i forbindelse med et besøk av europeiske journalister i juni 2016. Fotograf: Gry Karin Stimo/SINTEF
Gerd Kjølle and Kjell Sand giving a presentation to visiting European journalists in the Smart Grid laboratory in June 2016. Photo: Gry Karin Stimo/SINTEF

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