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NCCS Webinar on Innovation in FMEs

On November 9, Sigmund Størset from SINTEF Energy Research gave an interesting webinar on innovation in FMEs.

One of the expectations to an FME like the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS) is that is should contribute in the development of innovations. To facilitate this expectation, NCCS has set up a separate task on innovation with the intention to assist the technical tasks in their innovation activities.

Innovation and innovation management

The webinar focused both on innovation in general and on innovation management. Sigmund’s presentation consisted of two parts:

  • The main findings from his Master of Technology Management thesis, titled “Managing open innovation process in large university-industry research programmes”
  • Activities planned or underway in the NCCS Innovation and Technology Transfer task, which Sigmund is leading.

Sigmund underlined in his presentations that innovation is very much about people, and that people need to be motivated to be creative. Therefore, managers play a vital role in innovation management, in the sense that they should stimulate a culture that supports and foster change and new ideas.

He also encouraged a continuous focus on reminding the researchers to consider the potential for innovation and encouraging individuals to think “outside the box” when planning and conducting research.

Webinar recording

Sigmund’s presentation and the recording of the webinar can be found on the NCCS eRoom (open to NCCS partner companies, only).

Receive invitations to future webinars

NCCS webinars are open to individuals from NCCS partner companies and by invitation, only. If you do not already receive invitations, send an e-mail to Rune Aarlien, and ask to be added to the invitation list.

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