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NCCS represented at CCS Forum 2018

In June 2018, Imperial College in London organized the Second CCS forum. This meeting hosted international delegates from academia, industry and government, representing institutions in the UK, US, the Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany, Canada and Austria.

Participants at CCS Forum 2018
Participants at CCS Forum 2018.

NCCS invited to CCS Forum 2018

Three representatives from NCCS were invited to this closed event: Centre Manager Amy Brunsvold (SINTEF), Task 6 Leader Rahul Anantharaman (SINTEF) and Fabrice Devaux (Total).

The CCS Forum 2016 produced a CCS Forum Report that provides detailed insights into the critical challenges that need to be addressed for CCS development and a review and perspective paper “Carbon capture and storage (CCS): the way forward”, published in Energy & Environmental Science which provides a state-of-the-art update.

2018 ambition

As a follow up to the CCS Forum 2016 results, the ambition for CCS Forum 2018 was to curate a highly interactive meeting of a select group of CCS thought leaders. Distinct to a typical conference with speakers and an audience, specific delegates contributed to individual sessions with a short talk, additionally every delegate was actively invited to contribute a presentation to sessions if they wished to do so.

A core aim of this series is to curate a community of experts and encourage international collaboration. Based on discussions during the 2018 CCS Forum, this summary report outlines the key research priorities for CCS, exploring challenges that need to be addressed from a technical, economic, commercial and political perspective.

Read the Summary report and Presentation slides.

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