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Finnish delegation visits SINTEF Energy Lab

On Monday 13. March, a delegation of Rectors from The Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and members of  Finnish UAS Rectors Conference (www.arene.fi), together with Academic Trade Union  Leaders (www.akava.fi) and representatives from the Ministry of Education and Culture, visited SINTEF Energy Lab.

Arene and Akava have organized joint seminars and study visits together to several European Countries, last time in Denmark, to learn among other things about the universities and their strategies in R&D in order to boost the impact on economy.

They came to SINTEF to learn more about the NTNU and SINTEF collaboration, its’ background and history.

Good Collaboration with NTNU

– The reason we came to SINTEF is that we read about your good collaboration with NTNU. We are also interested in this infrastructure were you can combine research and innovation, in a global way, said Riita Rissanen, Executive Director for Arene.

– In Finland, we have discussions on how research institutions, Universities and University colleges can collaborate better, and make the most out of the collaboration. We came here because you have been successful in this area.

The delegation was given an introduction to the NTNU and SINTEF collaboration by Jo Stein Moen, Head of Public Affairs in SINTEF.

Inge R. Gran, President of SINTEF Energy, gave an presentation of SINTEF’s energy research areas.

Dag Eirik Nordgaard, Research Director at SINTEF Energy, gave quick tour of the SINTEF Energy Lab.

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    Riitta Rissanen is from Arene, not from Arena

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