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Innovation on the agenda for CINELDI PhDs

CINELDI PhDs met for their first innovation lunch colloquium. There are two main purposes with those meetings. The first is to meet frequently for short updates and discussions among each other, since the PhDs are spread over many departments at NTNU, they do not necessarily meet on a daily basis. But we believe that information exchanges will increase creativity and interdisciplinary cooperation.

The second purpose is to increase knowledge on innovation processes and innovations tools and methodologies. We intent to not only learn about methods like Hackathons, Design Thinking, Design Sprint, World Café ect., but also test those to solve issues and dive into ideas that we have. Additionally, the PhDs will learn about NTNU’s and external funding for innovation.

At the first meeting, Ida Fuchs, Innovation manager for Digital Electrical Energy, presented an intro to innovation including NTNUs Strategic program for knowledge-based innovation (SKI) launched last year, where NTNU hired 15 innovation managers.

Further on, Ida Fuchs presented the innovation work that has been done during the first year and some results of the actions. After that the general innovation process at NTNU was briefly presented and the pros and cons for patenting where discussed with the CINELDI PhDs in a group work.

Finally, the meeting was evaluated and the CINELDI PhDs gave input how to make the innovation lunch highly relevant for themselves. The next innovation colloquium will be in 3 weeks, and two CINELDI PhDs will give a presentation on their common work. They will focus on presenting their results in a way that explains it in a broader picture, and not dive deep into the core of the research. Further on, Ida Fuchs will give an overview on NTNU funds for financing innovation and commercialization projects.

CINELDI presenterte forskning på CIRED konferansen

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