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Open-access CO₂ data is essential for accelerating CCS deployment

In order to limit the impact of global warming, we urgently need to reduce our CO2 emissions. Technology for capturing CO2 at a large scale and then permanently storing it in geological formations deep underground – known as carbon capture and storage (CCS) – can play an important role in meeting our climate goals. An open, international exchange of knowledge and data is essential for accelerating the deployment of CCS as a climate mitigation tool.

Why is access to data important for CCS?

A lack of relevant data has long been a barrier to CCS research and deployment. Luckily, this barrier can easily be overcome by providing open access to well-documented, high-quality data.

Data access helps to accelerate the pace of research and technology development, and facilitates collaboration between researchers and industry experts.

Quality-assured data is crucial for developing and validating commercial models, technology and tools for safe and cost-efficient CCS. Furthermore, open-access data will encourage the development of CCS expertise by strengthening training and education on the topic, especially in countries with limited experience in this area. In short, open-access data benefits the entire CCS community, from researchers to industry, the general public to stakeholders.

What is CO2 DataShare?

CO2 DataShare is a digital portal for sharing reference data sets from ongoing and emerging CCS projects.  The portal acts as a simple, standard, and low-cost solution for making CCS data available, free of charge, to interested parties from research, industry or otherwise.

The main criteria for a data set to be included in the portal is data quality and relevance to CCS research and development.

CODataShare is currently sharing five CO2 storage data sets and new data sets are being prepared for publication. The data sets and the portal are hosted on the Norwegian national e-infrastructure, managed by Sigma2.

CO2 DataShare now part of NCCS

The goals of CO2 DataShare are aligned with those of the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS), namely to fast-track CCS deployment, therefore, CO2 Datashare is now financed by and an active part of the Centre.

As part of NCCS, CO2 DataShare aims to expand the portal to cover data sets from the whole value chain. Until 2023, the focus has been on reference data from CO2 storage projects. However, we will now also include data from CO2 capture and transport projects.

CO2 DataShare at the CLIMIT Summit 2023 If you would like to know more about CODataShare, or participate in the discussion on how we can leverage CO2 DataShare for future innovations, join our side event, facilitated by NCCS, on 7 February, at the CLIMIT Summit 2023 in Larvik.

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