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NCCS at GHGT-14: Presentations and posters

At GHGT-14 (Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies conference) in October, FME NCCS had seven oral presentations and 6 poster presentations.

Centre Director Mona Mølnvik during her plenary presentation at GHGT-14

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Oral presentations

1) Profiting from CCS innovations: A study to measure potential value creation from CCS research and development.
Sigmund Ø. Størset (SINTEF Energy Research), Grethe Tangen (SINTEF Industry).

2) Norwegian large-scale CO2 storage project (Smeaheia): baseline geophysical models
Bastien Dupuy, Verónica Torres, Anouar Romdhane, Amir Ghaderi (SINTEF Industry)

3) 3D fault integrity screening for Smeaheia CO2 injection site
Skurtveit, Elin (NGI), Choi, J.C. (NGI), Osmond, J.L. (UIO), Mulrooney, M. (UIO), and Braathen, A. (UIO)

4) Identifying optimal conditions for transport of CO2 by ship
Geir Skaugen, Simon Roussanaly, Han Deng (SINTEF Energy Research), Jana Jakobsen (NTNU)

5) CO2 storage with mobility control
Alv-Arne Grimstad, Per Bergmo (SINTEF Industry), Halvor Møll Nilsen SINTEF Digital), Øystein Klemetsdal (NTNU)

6) The cost of delaying or missing CCS and BECCS deployment ambitions to the benefit of Direct Air Capture
Ozgu Turgut (NTNU), Simon Roussanaly (SINTEF Energy Research), Andrea Ramirez (Delft Univ.), Asgeir Tomasgård (NTNU), Mijndert Van Der Spek (ETH)

7) The effect of brine supply on CO2 injectivity impairment due to salt precipitation
Jelena Todorovic, Martin Raphaug, Thomas Monge Øia, Alv-Arne Grimstad, Pierre Cerasi (SINTEF Industry)

Poster presentations

1) The Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS): Facilitating industry-driven innovation for fast-track CCS deployment
Amy L. Brunsvold, Mona J. Mølnvik, Anne Steenstrup-Duch, Sigmund Ø. Størset, Rune Aarlien (SINTEF Energy Research), Grethe Tangen (SINTEF Industry), James Dawson (NTNU), Alvar Braathen (UIO)

2) Multi-component Analysis of Liquid Samples by FTIR
Andreas Grimstvedt, Merete Wiig, Aslak Einbu, Ugochukwu Edwin Aronu, and Solrun Johanne Vevelstad (SINTEF Industry)

3) Modelling leakage risk along a fault using Modified Discrete Elements
Mats Rongved (NTNU), Anthony Delbar (École Polytechnique), Pierre Cerasi, and Andreas Bauer (SINTEF Industry)

4) Need and measurements of accurate thermodynamic data for CCS
Sigurd W. Løvseth, Snorre Foss Westman, Anders Austegard, Hans Georg Jacob Stang (SINTEF Energy Research)

5) Bandlimited optimal AVO inversion for improved quantitative imaging of the CO2 Plume
Amir Ghaderi, Bastien Dupuy, Etor Querendez, Peder Eliasson (SINTEF Industry)

6) Optimized geophysical survey design for CO2 monitoring – A synthetic study
Anouar Romdhane, Peder Eliasson (1SINTEF Industry)

NCCS plenary presentation at GHGT-14

Centre Director Mona Mølnvik had a plenary presentation where she presented FME NCCS and how the Centre works to fast-track CCS deployment. She summarises her presentation in the video below:


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