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Strong will to increase share of renewable energy in Indonesia

Innovation Norway Indonesia, the Norwegian Embassy in Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources organised a Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Seminar in Jakarta, the capital city, on 6 April 2017.

The event was designed to promote the expertise of Norwegian industrial and R&D actors in Indonesia and a first step to establish joint projects and initiatives.

From left: Me, Henrik Bache (E-smart systems), Ruslan Krisno (Great Giant Pineapple Co.) and Jon Respati (Indonesian Energy Conservation and Efficiency Society).

SINTEF Energy Research was invited to present possibilities concerning two key topics: Waste-to-Energy (WtE) and energy efficiency in industrial processes.

Unfortunately limited efforts have been done so far.

But Indonesia, a fast-developing country of over 250 million inhabitants, exhibits large potentials and a strong will to increase its share of renewable energy.

Jakarta business district along the city main avenue, Jalan Sudirman, at night in Indonesia capital city.

I used the opportunity to present important facts and numbers about these energy sources as well as present SINTEF-led projects such as FME HighEff (on energy efficiency in industrial processes) and EnergiX KPN GrateCFD (on optimal grate combustion of biomass and waste).

About 200 persons attended and lively discussions occurred, mainly concerning similarities and differences between the Norwegian and Indonesian situations and possibilities as well as technical questions on for example, the challenges associated with producing energy from biomass residues.

You can read the presentation I held here: Energy from untapped resources, Michael Becidan, SINTEF Energy Research

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