Join the Circular Driven Economy Symposium for Construction and Demolition waste!

A highly C&D waste targeted Circular Driven Economy two-day symposium will be organized in London. It will cover a range of topics to promote the benefits and opportunities in recycling C&D waste material into recycled aggregates.

As one of the key note speakers, I will talk about technical properties of recycled aggregates, environmental benefits and successful full scale demonstration projects.

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Moreover, SINTEF is leading an Indo-Norwegian program with the main objective to implement the best practice on treatment and recycling of C&D waste in India. I have therefore invited delegates from leading recycling and construction companies in India to this symposium.

C&D waste is generated in huge quantities in India and the implementation of sound recycling technologies have started in a few states. In the symposium I will present the work done so far in this Indo-Norwegian project.

The Circular Economy concept offers an opportunity for organizations to consider alternative solutions to making our environment a more sustainable one.

The benefits can be discovered not only by organizations themselves, but for industries embracing positive change, and indeed for citizens alike.

I will encourage you to join us at the Radisson Blu Edwardian in London on 18th and 19th September 2018, to find out more about the benefits and opportunities of a Circular Economy.

See website: circulardriveneconomy.com

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    Steve Martenzs

    The Symposium on Join the Circular Driven Economy: Construction and Demolition Waste will explore ways to manage construction and demolition waste in a circular way. The symposium will include experts from the construction and demolition industry as well as government, business, and civil society.
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