Launching a Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise

In this project, we will create a new ecosystem. The aim is to help thousands of European companies become sustainable.

Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise

The Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise (STAGE) project is focused on helping enterprises and SMEs accomplish their green transformation and become Europe’s sustainability leaders.

Its overarching goal is to create a comprehensive platform that will help enterprises receive training and advisory support from European professionals and access private financing for sustainable growth.

How are we going to do it?

We will establish an ecosystem of resources and advisory centres in order to:

  • provide innovation and sustainability assessments to thousands of enterprises, and elaborate tailored sustainability transition plans with concrete action steps to achieve sustainability goals.
  • deliver training for hundreds of Sustainability Advisors who will get engaged in a strong and supportive sustainability transition ecosystem.
  • provide in-depth industrial training to hundreds of enterprises.
  • ensure financial support (100 vouchers, EUR 25 000 each) for enterprises to help them access bespoke advisory services for implementing their sustainability transition plans.
  • facilitate the flow of private investments into enterprises with the highest potential to become economically and environmentally sustainable, making them Europe’s industrial green leaders.

Who will benefit from STAGE?

European Industrial Enterprises from all sectors, aiming to transform their operations towards sustainable and green processes!

Sustainability Advisors with competences in the fields of sustainability transition (i.e., energy efficiency, renewable sources, circular economy, waste management, environmental standards, etc.) and financial expertise (i.e., M&A, corporate finance). Advisors will be matched with enterprises and will help guide them through the STAGE process.

European SMEs can get support from STAGE

If you are employed in a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can support from the STAGE platform. Please fill out our poll! This will help us adapt our services so that they suit your company’s needs.

Who are we?

STAGE project partners

The STAGE project consists of 14 partners: SINTEF, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Innovation Network of Advanced Materials, Factor CO2, HSSMI, Corner Case Technologies, Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, University College Dublin, Sicindustria, Lithuanian Innovation Centre, University of Ljubljana, Slovak University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, and GND.

Where are we now?

The STAGE kick-off meeting was initiated in June in Berlin, Germany, where all organisations involved in the project implementation gathered to build a comprehensive action plan.

The STAGE partners got together once more in October in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania, to organise the first of a series of workshops, where together with external stakeholders they defined some of the key elements of the project.

STAGE was also represented with its digital booth and onsite stand at the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels!

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The project is co-funded by the European Commission.

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