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What is in the waste bin?

The composition of your waste bin is greatly affected by the availability and convenience of sorting options.  Understanding the factors that influence our…

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How to put a stop to energy waste?

The HighEFF research centre is in its last year of financing by the Research Council of Norway, but there is still a lot of low-hanging fruit to be picked in the field of energy efficiency in industry. How can we best leverage that potential in Norway? That was the topic of the HighEFF 2024 Conference.

Landscapes of Northern Patagonia, Rio Negro and Neuquén
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As above, so below: studying above-ground rock masses to better understand underground fractures

In 2023, Senior Research Scientist Pierre Cerasi (SINTEF Industry) spent a month in Argentina, at the invitation of the Y-TEC Research Centre. The aim of the stay was to study above-ground rock masses as a way of exploring how fractures form and spread underground. An improved understanding of fracture networks can result in an improved selection of CO2 storage locations and contribute to mitigating leakage risk.